The Applied Mechanics Research Group at School of Engineering, Nazarbayev University is a newly established research group with diverse interests and research activities ranging from Computational Mechanics & Control Theory to Mechanical systems oscillations & UAVs. Group members are leading and/or participating in a wide range of research projects while a seminar series is offered by the group with the aim of fostering graduate students development.


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Designing and Building a Safety Education Training Simulator.

Starting Date: March, 2018 Ending Date: February 2019 Partners: University of Tasmania, Australian College of Kuwait. Funding source: KFAS

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Building Capability to Simulate High Speed and Urban Railway Structural Characteristics for Effective and Efficient Design.

Starting Date: April, 2018 Ending Date: December, 2020 Partners: City Graduate School, University of London, Warwick University. Funding source: ORAU

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Development of multi-nozzle and multi-material based 3D printer

Starting Date: March/April 2018 Ending Date: December 2020 Partners: NU, Monash University Funding source: NU small grants

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Shape Optimization of Lift and Thrust generating surfaces with the aid of IsoGeometric Analysis (SOLTIGA)

Starting Date: March, 2018 Ending Date: December 2020 Partners: NU, University of Glasgow, National Technical University of Athens, Technological & Educational Institute of Athens Funding source: NU small grants

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Graduate Students

Askar Ibrayev A
Askar Ibrayev
Kanat Suleimenov K
Kanat Suleimenov
Shaheidula Batai S
Shaheidula Batai
Yerkegali Metey Y
Yerkegali Metey
Dulat Aimukhanov D
Dulat Aimukhanov
Aigul Nagimova A
Aigul Nagimova
Dinmukhamed Zhangaskanov D
Dinmukhamed Zhangaskanov

PhD Students

Alima Tazabekova
Alima Tazabekova
Andas Amrin
Andas Amrin

Undergraduate Students

Azat Amiralin
Azat Amiralin
Yeraly Kalel Y
Yeraly Kalel
Timur Massalov T
Timur Massalov
Aydarkhan Sarsen A
Aydarkhan Sarsen
Miras Yeleshov M
Miras Yeleshov
Zhantileu Segizbayev Z
Zhantileu Segizbayev


Nazim Mir-Nasiri
Ton Duc Do

Past Undergraduate Students


Serik Khairaliyev
Evagoras Xydas
Rustam Otarov